Youngster Yoga (14-18 years)

During this class, we introduce the children to Hatha yoga poses to work the body and encourage muscle engagement.

The aim of our classes is to teach body and breath awareness (pranayama), self regulate and through breathing and physical exercise (asanas) help this age group to cope with pressure/anxiety. We aim to create a friendly and relaxing environment where the children can release.

We will try to combine movement with breath and be in the present moment. Towards the end of the class, we introduce yin yoga poses to quiet the mind and deepen the final relaxation (Savasana). Practicing yoga for this age group can boost the immune system and self-confidence along with a positive body image.

We are taking each class as it comes, and how moods fluctuate due to hormonal changes.

Class is suitable for 14 -18 years, and no previous yoga experience is needed.

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