Nikoletta Pataki postnatal Mum/Parent and Baby yoga

Postnatal Mum/Parent & Baby Yoga

Our class provides a safe and positive environment for Mums/Parents to relax, connect, communicate, and move.

If and when Mum can not be present for whatever reason, daddies, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers are always welcome in the class!

This class is baby-led, feeding, crying, and comforting are always welcome! One part of the class will allow you to regain strength and maintain good posture; toning abdominal muscles, focusing on pelvic floor health, and relaxation. Physical activity helps to cope with the everyday role of being a new Mum/Parent, and it energizes you mentally. 

In another part of the class, we will focus on Baby. We introduce gentle movements, soft-touch, and singing; encouraging language, and listening, secure bonding.

This class also provides the opportunity for one-to-one quality time with Mum/Parent while socializing in a small group. Places are limited. Expect fun, laughter, singing, and the release of happy hormones.

The class is suitable from a doctor’s check-up 6-10 weeks after delivery, up to when the baby starts crawling (7-10 months).

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