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meet our

“She believed she could, so she did.” – R.S.Grey

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of yoga. All of us are certified yoga teachers and our passion is to introduce you to the benefits of yoga. We will guide you on your journey.

Nikoletta Pataki

I have first met yoga in 2010, and I simply practiced for the movement aspect of it. I fell in love with it and I knew that I’d love to teach.

I completed my 200 hr hot vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2017-2018. It was an amazing journey. Still is.

I was 35 when I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and it stopped me from sports of all kinds. The swelling, the constant pain, and the stiffness were giving me a hard time. I found that period very frustrating and I felt helpless.

Living with a condition that puts a limitation on your movement every now and then is challenging, but yoga helped me to come so far I have probably never imagined. Yoga taught me self-care, gentleness, acceptance, modification, and most of all patience.

I am a qualified Yoga Therapist & an E-RYT200 with Yoga Alliance. I am also trained in trauma-sensitive, restorative, pre & postnatal yoga, and kids & teen yoga.

Meeting new people and introducing them to the benefits of yoga is a privilege and I am very passionate about it.

I taught chair yoga classes in North Co. Dublin Nursing Home and trauma-sensitive yoga in an Eating Disorder Centre, in Sutton. Currently, I am teaching at St, Josephs Secondary School as well as in the studio.

Anita Gordon

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and trained in Vipassana meditation.

I have always been a lover of movement, embracing almost every style of dance when I was younger, playing netball, hockey and dabbling in capoeira and gymnastics. In around 2008 I, quite literally, stumbled into my first yoga class, and lo and behold I loved it.

On a visit to Myanmar in 2013, I completed a Vipassana meditation course, intense but hugely impactful and I highly recommend the experience, they have centers all over the world.

After some time traveling, I ended up in Brazil where I stayed for five years and where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Alignment based Vinyasa with a truly wonderful teacher, Mariana Muller.

Rachel Roberts

I am an enigmatic soul whose love of creativity and expression evolved from a deep hunger for stories that tell us who we are and what we are truly capable of. Through my own experience with complex trauma and frustration with some western practices’ inability to recognize the impact unresolved trauma can have on a person’s capacity for a living – I was called to yoga.

My love of stories is reinforced by my curiosity about the world so naturally. I studied Creative Writing, Humanities & Philosophy, receiving my master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin. Teaching from an instinctual heart, I use a healthy dose of loving humor, sharp wit, and emotional maturity.

I create an environment of personal safety, promoting healing, self-discovery, and self-reflection. I will hold you tenderly in a sacred restful space allowing the truest and deepest stories of your body and soul to unfold.

I am an accredited Raja Yoga teacher from the Heartfulness institute of Chennai, I have complemented advanced training in Yoga for Trauma, Trauma sensitive yoga and am currently doing The Heart Yin Yoga training.

Dee Regan

Yoga has always played a huge part in my life, especially in helping me live with scoliosis and vertigo!  I love how developing a regular practice has helped me create space in my body. I learned to calm my body and mind through simple breathwork and meditation

I am a qualified RYT200 teacher trained in Hatha yoga & Chair Yoga for adults & children.

I am also a trained meditation teacher

As a teacher, I aim to help my students explore their yoga journey and facilitate enjoyable, accessible yoga classes.  I offer yoga classes suitable for everyone, regardless of age, mobility, or physical fitness levels.  

I teach slow flow, Hatha style classes, as well as restorative and yin focused classes all with an emphasis on breath, alignment, and finding your edge in each posture. As well as my standard yoga classes I have also run yoga for back pain, yoga for scoliosis 

Heather Rowan

I first started doing yoga in 2019. At the time, I was suffering with my mental health and overall
wasn’t in a good place mentally. As cliche as it sounds, I found yoga to help me through those
tough times.

It gave me a space to practice moving my body, connecting with my breathing,
self-acceptance, and self-care, and let me get out of my head when it was noisy.

Yoga quickly became a part of my daily routine and has been a must for me ever since.

As yoga helped me through such hard times, I decided last year to become a teacher to be able
to support students who may need some time and space for themselves. I was lucky enough to
have yoga teachers who created a welcoming and non-judgemental environment to practice
and I wanted to become that person.

I want to create an environment in a studio where students can come and learn to be present, practice self-care, feel safe, and most importantly leave class feeling better than when they arrived.

I am now a fully qualified RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher and ready to flow with everybody and

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