Candlelight Restirative

Candlelight Restorative

Restorative yoga is all about letting go and restoring your body to its normal state.

The aim of this class is that you feel no tension at all. Nowhere in your body. We create a relaxing atmosphere, where candles are lit, music is soft and lights are dimmed. During this class, there are only 5-6 poses within the hour, holding them for a longer period of time. To avoid tensing up the muscles we are using props to accommodate all needs of your joints.

Restorative poses strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system, relax muscles, slow down the metabolism, support the healing process, re-balance hormones, and aid sleeping & digestive system. This class is meditative, slows brain waves and running thoughts.

This class is ideal if your life is stressful and/or you do suffer from anxiety.

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